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Exclusive Record Store Day 7″ and Golden Ticket Info

To celebrate Record Store Day on April 21st, Jukebox the Ghost will be releasing a studio version of their Donna Lewis cover, “I Love You Always Forever” song along with their version of New Order‘s “Temptation”, as a limited edition 7″ on vinyl. All 500 jackets of the 7“ covers are have original artwork hand drawn by the band members. Curious if your local store will be carrying it?  Check out the official Record Store Day list to see participating stores, and give them a call to see if they’ll be getting the record in ! Click HERE to see the list.  Watch the band hand draw the artwork HERE , and see how they thought up the design by clicking HERE.

And get this?

Affixed to 10 of the 500 7″ on the inside cover is a “Golden Ticket”.  The band signed the inside covers with a note letting you know that you’ve won a free CD copy of Safe Travels when its released on June 12th, as well as a free t-shirt and other goodies.

In addition, one lucky “Golden Ticket” holder will be drawn at random.  If selected, you’ll receive 2 free tickets to a Jukebox the Ghost concert, and have the chance to hang with the band, the next time the band comes through your  town.  Don’t miss out!